When Should You Get a New Tablet?

Maybe you don’t already have a tablet. Or maybe, you’re like me, and were an early adopter of new technology and have one of the earlier tablets out there. I loved getting a tablet before the rest of my family, however, they have since gotten tablets and over the years I am finding that my tablet just isn’t up to snuff anymore.

So when do you really need to upgrade?

All tablets, as well as phones and to a lesser extent laptops, can only be upgraded to a certain point. Eventually the operating system will reach a point where the manufacturer will stop supporting it. The apps you use will continue to be updating themselves with the new releases, and eventually your tablet will not be able to run the apps.

Eventually more of your apps and games will become glitchy and will eventually stop working. When you try to update them, the error message will say that the version is no longer supported or an update is not available.

Another sign that your tablet may be reaching it’s limit will be how fast you navigate the internet. Processor speeds get better and faster as new tablets come out. With my tablet, I can still go online, but clicking between websites is becoming slower and sometimes the pages do not load properly. My phone is new, and I can travel the same sites much quicker, so I know it’s my tablet.

Maybe you have also decided that your current tablet size is not appropriate for you anymore. Tablets come in sizes that range from 7 inches to 10 inches, maybe you want to go a little smaller or bigger than what you have right now.

Newer tablets may also have a higher storage capacity than the tablet you are using right now, and newer apps might need that storage in order to run efficiently.

If you are experiencing some of these issues with your current tablet, it might be time to consider an upgrade!