Top Software for Physical Therapy

WebPT: Top Web-Based Software

WebPT is a well-liked web-based physical therapy software assisting over 65,000 users in over 9,000+ clinics, a lot of which are outpatient therapy private clinics. The software is extensively known in the industry for its scheduling capabilities and excellent documentation. WebPT provides billing abilities. But, it also assimilates easily with many of the best billing solutions, if you want to stay with your current billing software. Because the software is 100% web-based, you have the flexibility to complete crucial tasks and access the software on the go.

APTA Connect (by Cedaron Medical): Best for Hospitals

APTA Connect is an unified specialty rehabilitation reporting, scheduling, and documentation report solution created with the American Physical Therapy Association. The software effortlessly integrates with all HL7-compliant software and some billing solutions, making it particularly common in hospitals that use multiple secondary EMR systems in their departments. Also, APTA Connect lets you put your info to the national outcomes database of APTA. It was created to aid therapists in knowing the efficiency of various treatments. Users find Connect to be very customizable, making it a good option for hospitals that possess a huge number of specialty niche/therapy areas.

BestPT: PT-Specific Billing Software

BestPT is a cloud-based practice management solution created by Billing Dynamix especially for private physical therapy clinics. BestPT’s main strengths are in its billing abilities, where the software automatically checks each claim against more than 1.5M quality assurance rules to stop billing mistakes even before claims are sent out. The software is totally integrable with other industry leaders in physical therapy software, like Cedaron Connect and WebPT. This lets you leverage BestPT’s customer support and billing expertise, while still like the documentation and scheduling benefits offered by other industry-leading software suppliers.