Top Highest Ranked Self Monitored Home Security Systems (Part IV)

iSmartAlarm – Most Customizable

iSmartAlarm is an Apple-operated security system with a lot to offer.

There’s plenty to love about iSmartAlarm. Pick from many wireless home security packages, as well as upgrade or expand to your heart’s content. No contracts, no monthly fees, no worries.

For many folks, picking a home security system means focusing on quality. iSmartAlarm will not disappoint you. This is a 100% wireless system, which aids in making the installation process very simple to accomplish. The company’s system is versatile and it is famous for delivering exceptional quality.


Wireless design

Easy DIY installation

Home automation features available

Upgrade to professional monitoring with medical response alerts

Wi-Fi and 3G alerts sent

Intrusion protection

Remote control access

Competitively priced

The iSmartAlarm is not an Apple product. This is vital to know for those looking for connectivity. Though, it has a lot to offer. First, it is a simple to install solution. It doesn’t require any sort of hardwiring. The company does provide a one-year warranty on the equipment which is longer than most companies. This is the sort of company you can feel good about partnering with overall.

It is possible to upgrade. The smart home video bundle brings more functionality. Also, users can upgrade to more sensors and motion control features. The basic product comes with a CubeOne with four contact sensors, built-in sirens, three remote tags, and three motion centers.

Most users will find this system is simple to use. It provides quality home monitoring giving the homeowner the ability to easily click into their home from their app to see what is happening. Though, the company’s system provides limited home automation features. However, for those who want to begin with a basic system and expand, the iSmartAlarm works excellently. It has many ways to upgrade and expand monitoring.