Top Highest Ranked Self Monitored Home Security Systems (Part III)

Abode – Top No Contract

Abode is the favorite no-contract, no-fuss home security system. Contracts are so last year. Now with smart home automation features, you can discover why it’s all about Abode.

Adobe is much simpler than other home security systems.

Abode is a home security system with a few chief benefits. It is a DIY solution that has an overall low price. Based on what your needs are, you might find this system is a good choice for ease of installation, affordability, overall features, and home automation. It does have some drawbacks, like not having all the features of more advanced products. Though, it doesn’t charge a lot for the system, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a self-monitoring home security system.


Wireless system with cellular backup, if desired

DIY installation is common

Home automation features are available

Environmental protection solutions in place

Overall affordable equipment charges, but no monthly fees

The Abode home security system is a very desirable product at a low cost. It might not have as many bells and whistles as other systems, but it is still very much a self-monitoring, dependable solution for home security. The company designed the equipment to be flexible enough for most needs and built well enough to handle any type of weather. This is a professional grade system, but it doesn‘t have the high costs typically associated with other self-monitoring home security systems.

Still, there are lots to like about this system. For instance, it has on-demand professional monitoring if desired. Also, it is a wireless system that needs no actual hardwire installation. This makes it very much a DIY product. You can move it around to accommodate your particular needs as well. By the way, the company’s overall service level is excellent.