Top Highest Ranked Self Monitored Home Security Systems (Part II)

There are affordable home security options available.

Most homeowners want to make sure their home is safe. However, it can feel like a high cost. It doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to give up the peace of mind since an assortment of solutions exists that keep costs affordable while offering you a good amount of information and insight into your home’s safety. Self-monitored systems work by giving you a link to what is going on at your home.

Canary – Simplest to Install

Leave the tools in the basement. Canary is a top choice for simple, DIY installation. This is an all-in-one, the camera-based security system has motion detection, 1080p HD image quality, and other nifty features.

From a homeowner’s perspective, there are lots to love about Canary. It is frequently touted as the one security professionals prefer due to its low cost and overall versatile product offerings. Though, there is more to it than just this. The system is excellently designed. It comes with a fully functional video camera.

This gives you more vivid details than you might expect from other products. There are many key benefits here, particularly in the overall design and installation of the system. Here are some things to consider about the Canary home security system.


  • Very simple to install for most
  • Remote control access via a mobile app
  • Home automation upgrades and features available
  • Intrusion protection
  • Environmental protection included
  • One-touch Access to first responders
  • No contracts or monthly costs

This means that all that you need is provided in this one system. This helps to guarantee the overall functionality is excellent. The company has two versions of its product. One is a non-monitored solution and one is monitoring. For those who want to upgrade, realize that the monitoring solution is under $10 a month, making it very affordable.