Top Highest Ranked Self Monitored Home Security Systems (Part I)

“Unmonitored” or “self-monitored” security systems let you keep tabs on your home with a tablet or smartphone. They can even trigger text alerts if there is a system breach. Welcome to the new era of home security. Below are some of your best options.

“Unmonitored” actually means that you are the one who monitors it via several different methods including electrical devices like this one.

The best self-monitored, or unmonitored home security system offers you many of the benefits of security without the big costs. These systems are typically accessible via a tablet or smartphone, but they still offer incredible access to your home.

While some are called unmonitored systems, they are monitored. You do the monitoring. Most of these systems let you log into cameras or connected devices at your home from an internet connection or app. This lets you take necessary action to safeguard your home.

SimpliSafe – Best Overall Self Monitored System

SimpliSafe takes the cake for the best self-monitored security system. With a streamlined, sleek design, it’s dependable, easy on the eyes, and provides DIY installation.

SimpliSafe is one of the most well-known home security solutions for those desiring a self-monitored option. The company has its own security equipment. It does allow for plenty of consumer insight. The system equipment is very high in quality. These are wireless home security systems that make installation easy. There are some other benefits to these systems you have to consider.


  • Motion detectors
  • No monthly costs
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Long-term equipment trial available
  • No long-term contracts
  • Mobile alerts
  • Very simple to use; perfect for beginners

There is no doubt SimpliSafe is a dependable solution with top-quality equipment and overall quality design. The equipment itself is very versatile and reliable. You can use it just about anywhere in or around your home. It connects to your home’s internet connection and sends you alerts, regardless of where you put it. Use it on windows, doors, or anywhere else.