The Top Free Software for Your Computer

Get a new gaming laptop or desktop? That brand-new installation of Windows is mean, lean, and quick.

However, it lacks some of the must-needed applications we use repeatedly as PC gamers. Some of these are real

Ready, set, go!

obvious, like Google Chrome and Stream.

But there are lots of other programs used every day that deserve to be on your system. Plenty of others are used once in a while. Thanks to a service named Ninite, you can download and install most of these on the go.

First, here’s a small summary of the programs we propose installing with Ninite. Don’t let your new system go without them.


Discord is the go-to chat patron, making it easy to join channels with a fast invite link and chat with a web client or a desktop application. It’s free, hosted on remote servers instead of your own PC, and always getting good social integrations and other features every month. The PC Gamer channel is the cool place to chill.


Our preferred gifmaking tool. Gifcam is a real small program and free. It allows you to record a part of your screen, edit the gif frame-by-frame, put in some effects, and export it at a nice small size. Or you can go high framerate and upload to a site like Gfycat for a real smooth webm.

MSI Afterburner

Afterburner is an amazing free combo package for overclocking your GPU and letting your games run great. The graphics overclocking part of the program will allow you to tweak the settings of your GPU, receiving even more performance out of a card with great memory and processor clocks. The built-in hardware monitoring will aid you in tuning in performance. But lots of overclocking functions can do all that. What sets MSI Afterburner above the others is its incorporation of RivaTuner Statistics Server, a commanding tool that allows you to enforce framerates on your games.