The Basics of Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage? In general, when you store information in the cloud, you are sending files over the internet to a data server, which then stores the files until you retrieve the files at a later date. Cloud storage can be used for a wide variety of things, from email messages, phone contacts, or photos.

If you use a smartphone, cloud storage is usually an option for your phone. This allows you to backup contacts and photos. If you lose or upgrade your phone, your information is downloaded from the cloud to your new device, saving you time and keeping your photos safe.

Cloud storage is useful for a business as well. If you keep all your information at a server at work, you will need access to it. If you have documents on the cloud, then you can access information wherever you are at. Especially useful if you travel a lot.

When you consider cloud storage companies, think about how much storage you will need, if your needs will grow over time, and how much it costs versus the amount of storage you get. Compare companies, make sure they have a good reputation and that accessing your information is easy and trouble-free. Consider how secure you need your information to be, factor this in when choosing companies.

Cloud storage is extremely useful in the mobile society we live in today, having your important documents stored or duplicated off-site will allow you to feel secure if your primary location (a work site, for example) suffers a fire or flood. This kind of insurance can be quite valuable!