Recovering Files Off of a Corrupted Flash Drive

A USB flash drives puts all its data in the memory just like a hard drive. The operating system can, somewhere down the line, retrieve this data when needed to be accessed. There can be many problems that may make your USB drive data difficult to get to, like if the drive is pulled out from the port the wrong way. It can lead to data corruption. Another cause for the data corruption can be the wrong data in the master boot or partition boot record on the flash drive.

There can be many other causes that may have your USB not working. This may occur due to logical or physical corruption. The usual hardware/physical issues are damaged connectors and stems, drives with no power supply, broken circuits, and so forth.

Want to recover data from inaccessible/corrupt USB drive?

To recover data from an inaccessible USB flash drive, you have to first detect the precise reason causing the problem while reading the USB drive.

Recovering files from Physical Issues:

If you have a physical problem including a damaged connector, circuit board, or memory chip of the drive, then the hardware needs to be replaced before repairs can be performed. Doing-it-yourself can bring about an even worse situation. It is better if you get assistance from the pros in this area. You can employ any trusted data recovery business that focuses on recovering data from physically damaged flash drives.

Dead Drives (no power to the USB):

A widespread indication of the physical mistakes is some kind of error message that you get after connecting the USB. Usual error messages are “please insert disk into removable disk” or “USB Device not recognized.” You need to format the disk before using it. This may be the result of a dead drive, damaged circuit board, or controller chip.