Is the Cloud Secure?

A serious belief in old-fashioned IT security over cloud is stumbling as research shows that data location is more important than availability.

I speak to many in old-school IT. These are IT exes who need to give a talk about the use of cloud computing, usually since the CEO or their board of directors is requiring it. They feel though that cloud computing still has numerous inadequacies. They want to hear about cloud computing, but they don’t trust in its use.

The good news is that these folks have lost numerous members as cloud computing demonstrates its value. Though, the argument about privacy issues and security in the cloud still often arises. While there is a specific amount of politics and emotion at play, you must school those in enterprise IT about the real risks and real problems. Generally speaking, I’ve been seeing that clouds are more secure than traditional systems.

Based on a cloud security report, the alternatives in threat activity are not as critical as where the infrastructure is situated. Anything that can be perhaps accessed from outside, regardless if its cloud or enterprise, has the same chance of being attacked since attacks are resourceful in nature.

This report goes on to state that internet-based attacks strike both service provider settings and on-premises settings. Thus, on-premises environment customers actually have more incidents than those of service provider settings. On-premises customers get around 60 attacks, while service provider customers get around 28. On-premises environment customers also get way more hard-hitting attacks than their counterparts.

Obviously, there are myths that cloud computing is fundamentally less secure than customary approaches. The paranoia is due mainly to the fact that the approach itself feels insecure with your data stored on servers and systems you don’t control or own.