How to Stay Safe While Using Free WI-FI

Free Wi-Fi is great, particularly if you’re in the airport or library or airport. Not to mention, if you just want to save data on your laptop or phone. Still, you do have to be concerned regarding security when you’re using it. Here’s how to be safe with free Wi-Fi.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can offer you to safeguard your privacy is to use good web hygiene. When you are on free Wi-Fi, don’t work with sensitive data. It is great for checking the news or catching up on the blogs you like. Not recommended for online banking. Know what we mean?

Truthfully, if you have a way to be secure, you can relax a little about this. But be aware, you should care about how secure that coffee house wi-fi is. It’s not likely that someone’s snooping on it, but it only takes one time for you to be a victim of identity theft or something worse.

Not every public Wi-Fi network is made equally. For instance, that “free airport Wi-Fi” network that isn’t coming from anywhere is no doubt worse than any Wi-Fi network offered by any store, retailer, or coffee shop in the airport. Use those instead. You’ll be grateful for the enhanced security and the improved performance.

You might not always have a choice when it comes to what free Wi-Fi you can use. But, if you can pick, take “semi-open” Wi-Fi instead of totally open networks. Use the ones that are provided by coffee shops that have hidden SSIDs or airport lounges. Another one is the places that put the passwords on their receipts instead of giving them out over the counter. Sometimes tools like Wi-Fox have those in their database.

Just like you are choosy about everything else in your life, be choosy about what free Wi-Fi you use.