Get Your Business Data Back!

Business data is critical for the growth of any company, be it a large or small business. It is a vital asset and companies must be proactive in safeguarding this valuable resource. With the fast digital chances and the readiness to meet the tests of data protection, businesses have come a long way in storing and accessing their data.

From data centers to hard drives, companies leave no stone unturned when it comes to managing crucial business data. Furthermore, cloud services are another choice in storing and handling business data. With that being said, companies are now concentrating more on robust backup systems to disregard any problem that results in data loss.

Sometimes the impact of data loss is tiny, but that doesn’t mean it should be totally ignored. After all, what may seem insignificant is able of increasing the impact which in turn may cause a chain reaction. As we are technology-driven and data reliance, there are times the price of data loss and its aftermath is incomprehensible.

One study reports that 55% percent of companies that experience a computer outage for more than 10 days go out of business within five years.

Another report stated that the price of system outage sometimes surpasses revenue. Moreover, the loss of business data causes downtime and everyone knows the impact of downtime on companies. The average yearly cost of downtime amounts to over $21.8 million. This gives a clear picture of the importance of business data and how imperative it is to recover lost data.

Always take regular backups!

Backup is the best way to recover lost data. Taking backups on the regular basis is advisable to endure the effects of data loss. Also, consider having several backups to have several chances of data recovery.