Data Disk Recovery

Prior to addressing how data is lost and how it is recovered, it is important to know what exactly data recovery is.

This is the process of handling and salvaging data through the information from corrupted, damaged, inaccessible and failed secondary storage media once it cannot be accessed in the normal way. Prior to starting the process of recovering data, it is important to verify that the files are not accessible in any normal means. This is because the location of the files might have moved to another place. To verify this, you should search for the files that you believe are missing in the hard drive. This is done by running search or find on your computer. If you do not obtain the file, it is most probable, that you have lost the data. The next step from this, is to figure out a way on how to recover data that is missing. There are various forms that can be taken by loss of data. Data could have been lost through the following ways;

  • Data corruption
  • Accidental deletion
  • Software bugs
  • Hard drive failure
  • Simple power failure
  • Hacking

Data recovery specialists are considered when missing data was stored in solid state drive, hard drive and USB stick among other storage media. Purchasing a software for disk data recovery is an effective way to get your data back. If your computer system has been damaged or corrupted to the extreme, data recovery is not always possible. However, technology of data recovery has been advanced extremely to an extent that data can be recovered from a disk found in a plane crash.

Disk data recovery method to be used is determined by how you lost the data in the first place. Here, are various forms of data loss and how such data is recovered.

Hard drive data recovery

The first thing you should do in order to recover data from a hard drive is to ascertain whether you lost your data due to physical failure of the hard drive. The physical failure can be caused by a broken hardware. The other way that you could have lost your data other than physically, is by logical drive failure. Logical drive failure is caused by loss of data or file system or corruption of files. Signs of a physical failure of the hard drive include the following;

  • An excessive hot drive
  • Failure to spin
  • A loud grinding or clicking noise
  • An abnormal noise like ticking while the computer’s drive is reading data
  • A sign of “not initialized’’ in windows disk management

You should be aware that having a USB drive connected externally tops up an extra layer of USB gadgets between the computer and the hard disk. The components of the USB, therefore, can contribute to failure. Hence, you should remove the USB gadget and look for alternative methods to connect it.

Not initialized notice on the windows disk management

The windows disk management’s work is to list all the recognized physical drives. Therefore, the notice of not initialized is a sign of an error in the basic communication.

Failure of the drive to spin

If your drive is not spinning despite being correctly powered, this can be a sign that the hard drive printed circuit board (PCB) has a problem. The PCB carries the gadgets which are responsible for regulating the communication of the computer with the operation of the drive. The PCB can be replaced, but only by a professional who is experienced in hard drive data recovery. To replace the PCB, you must use an identical model and make. The firmware to be held must also be identical as that of the original board.

Recovering data from a hard drive can be done by running a software for data recovery and manage to obtain the data. A hard drive data recovery service is another way of obtaining data from a physically damaged hard drive which is only conducted by specialists to avoid loss of data.

File deletion

If you accidentally delete a file, you should not worry as the file remains in your drive up to the time it’s overwritten. Therefore, you should act fast and recover the lost data. For example, if you were using Microsoft word, and you delete a document which you had not saved accidentally, you can use the undo icon to retrieve your lost data. You can also use the recycle bin software to get your data back if you had saved it.

File corruption

It is possible to recover data from a corrupted file. To do this, you should connect the hard drive to a separate computer. Once you do this, you might realize that the only thing that was corrupted was the operating system. Once you realize that your data was okay, copy it to another hard drive. For file corruption, you may realize that the partition table was the one corrupted. You can use the right software to get your data back.

Solid state drive data recovery

Data that is missing from a solid state drive can be recovered, especially through the emergence of the ultrabook software. However, because this is a new technology, it seems more challenging than getting data from a hard drive that is traditional.

Just like file deletion, file system formatting damages stored information. The structure of the disk and the previous files are destroyed, however, the extent of damage depends on the formatting of the system. It is possible to retrieve your data from some file systems such as NTFS which you only need to overwrite using similar file system.

Most of disk data recovery is done by specialists and data recovery software. These two do a great job of retrieving your information which was missing or had been lost through the various forms we have discussed above. Some data loss may need you to spend a lot of money, spend a lot of time and engage you in risky adventures. It is for this reason, why everyone is urged to create numerous backups of their data. Taking measures to inhibit file corruption will go a long way to prevent your data from getting lost through malicious software.