Computer Programs and Apps for Autistic Children (Part III)

iDress helps students learn how to dress appropriately for different weather conditions.

Apps have proven quite successful in supporting learners with autism and their daily living skills. iDress for Weather is an app that displays the weather and temperature for the local area and offers choices for appropriate clothing selections. The user can add individualized photos of their own clothing.

Utilizing technology in lessons has become common in schools. Concerns over technology replacing live teaching, though, are unfounded as these software programs are meant to be used as one part of the program in educating those with autism.

As with any online exposure, it’s best for parents and teachers to supervise students’ activity and get training on programs when necessary. Technology offers many opportunities for learning for children with autism and has become an important component in educating these learners.

Model Me Interactive: Practicing Conversation links video modeling teaching tools with the interactive capability of the software. First, the video shows a conversation between children. Next, the student practices the conversation with a webcam. The practice conversation is recorded and a feedback area lets teachers comment on and grade a student’s recordings.

This is ideal for therapists, teachers, and speech-language pathologists.


The interactive conversation can include text or this feature can be turned off once the user is familiar with the lines. The text prompts can be altered by the user for an endless number of possible responses to the conversation.

Model Me Interactive™ Autism Software: Pricing

Users will need to get one copy of the software for each device on which it will be used. The software can’t be used on more than one computer. Registration is good for one computer including the life of that computer. The DVD must stay on the computer while the software is being used in order to get a hold of the videos.