Computer Programs and Apps for Autistic Children (Part II)

Another efficient tool in teaching autistic children is video modeling. Model Me Kids is a business that created videos for modeling social skills in an assortment of everyday scenarios.

“The videos are amazing as an effective tool for teaching social skills since they teach to the visual strengths of autistic children,” said Susan Klein, the president and founder of Model Me Kids.

Model Me Kids is designed to teach children with autism essential social skills.

How it Works

The videos break down social skills into little steps, much like the approach in applied behavior analysis, a popular behavioral intervention used in instructing autistic children. The videos stop at crucial points and use graphics and narration to highlight the intricacies of social interaction, usually missed in live teaching. Klein cited the significance of the videos using peers to model the social situations instead of adults, who typically teach social skills in the classroom.

Klein stated that new interactive software is coming in which students can watch a conversation modeled by peers then use a webcam to record themselves talking with an actor. Also, the learner can playback his recorded video conversation to review the skill. Model Me Kids also has a free app, Model Me Going Places, based on its videos.

Jacob’s Lessons is a well-known website created by a father looking to make a fun and interactive program for his young child. His wife, who is a behavior analyst, discovered that these activities benefited autistic students.

The site notes that the activities on Jacob’s Lessons are supposed to be supervised by an adult to aid the learner’s acquisition of skills. Skills like identifying the function of objects, gender identification, and receptive object identification are all targeted and reinforced via the narrator’s verbal praise. Visual cues are used to prompt the learner if he picks the incorrect answer.