Computer-Based Therapy for Autistic Children (Part I)

Educating students with autism frequently poses a real challenge for teachers and parents. Due to the impact of autism on several aspects of development and behavior, a multidisciplinary approach to treatment is suggested.

Computer therapy is fantastic for children with autism.

Among those disciplines is computer therapy.

While there’s evidence that special-needs software programs aid individuals with improving in academics not to mention social and communication skills, incorporating technology-based behavioral and instructional supports also has a good effect on an individual’s self-image, social roles, and the ways in which others perceive the individual. Special-needs software programs can be used to help a child’s school curriculum assisted by a parent or trained specialist.

Success in Computer-Based Learning

Autistic children frequently achieve success in computer-based learning. They are usually good with computers since they have a simpler time visually concentrating on material illustrated on a computer monitor. Also, many children like software programs because of the repetition of the activity and the engaging animation.

There are over 180 types of software programs for speech, language training, reading, attention, and focusing and social skills currently available. By talking with a trained professional or on their own, parents can create an educational program customized to their child’s needs and computer aptitude at home.

To begin, it is recommended that parents decide which skills need the most work. Parents can make a list of what areas they’re most concerned about. When a child is newly diagnosed, the software is necessary to work on language, attention, and focus.

Also, parents have to determine their child’s skill and comfort level with a computer. Young children who have never used a computer can begin with software programs that explain the relationship between cause and effect. Likewise, children who have the hand-eye coordination to put a puzzle together or play a video game can start at a higher level and will probably excel with computers.