Circle: The Latest in Parental Control for the Web

Parenting often means overseeing a small network. It’s demanding because there’s no built-in way to use the same

parental controls for laptops, electronic devices, and tablets your children use. This is where Circle comes in. It aids you effortlessly manage screen time and content for each family member.

Circle is a 3-inch white cube that links to your Wi-Fi network. The device lets you to filter content, put on time restrictions, and view activity for each device on your network.   You just plug in Circle’s power cord, use your iPad or iPhone to connect it to your router over Wi-Fi. Then, you create every child’s setting in the Circle app.

Circle can supervise not only computers and tablets, but also smart home devices and gaming consoles as well. Anything that connects thru your Wi-Fi.

During setup, for example, I created my 10-year old son’s profile, connected four devices to his profile, and set the filter level to “kid.” Automatically, this filter blocked mature content, malicious content, gambling, social media, and dating by default.

Moreover, it blocked also blocks certain sites and apps, those considered business, chat and forums, email, government and politics, and news. It practically blocked the ones I would have been blocking anyway. Other filters are pre-K and teen. You can toggle any of the settings off or on, as well as add your own custom filters. Circle provides you with real universal parental control!

With Circle, I possess a real high level of control. Setting I can quickly use or change across any device, managing both time use and content. I can cut off dating sites for my teenager, restrict my pre-K to Disney apps, and enable ad blocking for myself.

Essentially, Circle does what I want to do, but faster and more complete. I have come to love it and if you are parent, you will too.