Benefits of an External Hard Drive

Years ago, if you wanted to back up pictures or files, you had to copy the information to a CD or later, DVDs. But these never held much information, were prone to errors, and you had to back up over multiple discs. What are the benefits of an external hard drive?

  • They are affordable and can hold terabytes of data, are more stable, and last a lot longer than CDs.
  • Do you backup your data? You should. External hard dives are perfect for backing up photos and important documents, or for backing up your computer. If you end up getting a virus that locks your computer up, you will be able to restore your computer from your backup. And since your hard drive is stored somewhere else and not attached to your computer, you know it is virus free.
  • Because the hard drive is portable, this allows you to back up data & photos and then store the backup in another location, such as a fireproof box. This way you can be assured that if something happens to your home or computer, your important files are safe and can be restored.
  • External hard drives are usually connected by a USB cable, so the transfer speeds are very fast.
  • Portability. This is a huge benefit. They can be plugged into any computer without needing to install drivers.
  • Can extend the life of your computer. If your hard drive is on the smaller side, getting an external hard drive will allow you to edit videos and photos without having space issues.

Getting an external hard drive is a very good idea. With so many digital options now, you really want to have a backup of all your memories in case something happens. Consider buying an external hard drive for your own piece of mind.